Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Biggest Princess I know

Tubby time for P

Payton thinking something silly I am sure
Oh I know lets see if I can touch the kitty
Sure can!


Must have been something good!
It was so cold and dark out
Amanda, Rachelle, Shell, Becky, "absent" Andrea, Secret, Chrissy and Misty
The best gift ! A new DVD player! No more Barney videos for me!

My silly black drink
The first real food I ate in a week
Amanda and I
She got me a Princess cake.. I guess I will always be a blonde :)
She knows me best.. A starbucks GC

Friday, August 15, 2008


Well I guess I forgot to introduce you to the newest Jackson.. His name is.... get ready for it.. Sir Butterscotch Fluffy Puff.. he is a real pain in the tush... but Jake loves him and when they are together Jake just melts.. so I was sold.. let me say I was scared to death to tell Trav.. and after he threw a little fit it was ok.. and now he pets it when he thinks I am not looking...

The lesson I learned today...

Is to never let your 19 month old baby eat pudding alone... or with the kitten :)

Kitty was just as messy as she was..

Monday, August 11, 2008

CS Construction Company Picnic

Payton loves to sniff the flowers
She was enjoying her "GEE"
This game is one we have to get.. some thing I had never played
So precious!
A hot Payton and Travis

The Landis Family Reunion!

Jake doing what he does best!
Dad and Jake
Me and Molly
Hailey the ruler of all Teeter Totter
Jake and I staying warm at the family reunion
The happy Couple
Hailey and P eating Carmel Corn.. YUMM YUMM
Never seen this before so I had to take a picture
That's more like it :)

Its time to do Payton's nails!

This was to cute to not capture! Hailey painting P's nails
And yes I had to re-do them!