Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just some random new pics I came across

Hailey's new room!

My new glasses!

Kisses! from daddy

Grandpa and Daddy take Jake and Hai to the OMSI

The kids go to the zoo for the first time!

The water was spraying on the boys... it was a hoot
everyone in the penguins!
Hailey of course
Jake in amazment of the kelp

Hailey posing in the bat house... her fav exhibit
8 seconds on a camel
sitting sweet on the elephant
Jake was so tired of walking
Me and Jake at lunch
P and her carrot!
She just loved the bears
But not the sheep
Think this one is for small children..
everyone was in the eagle nest
I had to let her look at the bears

Sugar goes to the Zoo.. she goes everywhere with us
the girls on butt massagers!
My big boy!

How fun was that!