Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Art and Gift festival Stock!

I am so excited to be included in this! Although we will not be here in Bend I have someone to sell for me! She will be taking 15% of each sale but if I do well and make at least what I paid in space rent all should go well! The pics above are some of the ones I will have at the show.. here is a link to the bend local art blog! Look for me!

Jackson Family Reunion

Payton was unsure of all the new faces but warmed up quickly
Cousin Aiden and Grandma Kim..
The best game since Twister.. Payton and Aiden had so much fun.. she kept saying " again.. again""

Hailey, Milo and Payton! Nothing like a baby cousin who does not hit back.. She loves to hold him and it has gotten much better since he is older and not so floppy :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

RIP Sir Butterscotch Fluffy Puff

I can't get into it with out running the risk of the kids finding out.. But we no longer are cat owners.. If you desire to know more.. email me.. or ask someone we know.. chances are they know what happened..