Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hai's Pumpkin.. Jake stole it and carved it.. I thought she did it.. I had to lie and say I did it..


Trav and Misty playing poker.

ARG ME MATIES!! Hailey suprised me with her costume choice this year


Here are some pics from "the best days".. there are not many as I have left my camera charger in Hillsboro.. so I had to wait for travis to get home with his.. and not to many of Jake and Hai.. they are hard to keep track of

Playing with Aiden at Grandpa's House

We came to Portland late October to attend our High School reunion. So sorry to those of you we were not able to visit.. was a fast trip. We did how ever have a blast in ALL Pappa's leaves! Cheep fun and makes for great pictures!