Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paint paint paint!!!

My room is done and I got a new bed set too! 
I did the girls today too.. I just need to finish painting the doors  and repaint the dressers

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our first trip to Out of This World..

Thats a Payton face if I ever saw one

These things are fun and all the kids could do it.. so did I!

Hailey and her Friend Avery climbing the wall..

Jake had fun! 

She had a blast too!

A bunch of new Payton pictures..

Silly me left a wet unattended paintbrush in the bathroom.. 

Payton and Hailey dancing!
Just love her soo much

always a silly face~

Who would have known she would grow up?

Happy 6th Birthday Hailey..
Notice she is wearing the dress Payton  got for her 2nd birthday as a shirt

She has a super group of new friends she has made at Brookwood School!

Hailey's BFF Makaila

I have seen this picture before.. I think it was yellow frosting and she had a swim suit on:)

Hey ..

I forgot I had this :) I will be updating today.. lets see what has been new around here.. I think we have been sick since Christmas and I assume that is because all the virus's are new to us here... but we shall survive :)