Tuesday, August 4, 2009

South Dakota 2009.. 2 weeks of fun!

So we went to South Dakota and these are pics from along the way to and from and lots while we were there.. Please understand we had 3 cameras with us and had lots of issues so some pics are less than great... and also they are not in the best order.. it was hard to get that figured out

Made it just in time to see it blow

Happy Bithday to you Jake.. sorry we could only find Zingers.. :)

Bison? You don't say
Traffic at a stand still. stupid Bison in the road

Thank you French Man for taking our pic

Ranger lady at Yellowstone

Pee break..

Hai and some guard dog ;)
She belongs here in the Mid West I think

Hehe.. my Cowboy slippers!
On the phone while I had service

Great Uncle Steve and my people
Darn Twilight books

Peter Haines.. who lives under Poppas house :)

Jakes first slingshot... hand carved wolf

Thank you Great Uncle Dean for my GIANT crystal

"Auntie Tiff" and the girls coloring... they love her to bits!

Silly Praire dogs

Keep that snail under control Jake PLEASE

haha he looks sooo thrilled
Payton and Grandpa

If you wear a yogart box on your head you will have good fortune ...

Rushmore water park... hey kids did you get 63.00$ worth of fun ?

Dino Hill

Bear Country USA

We did not camp there... somehow this is in the group
Baby Bears
"Doc" the man who founded Bear country

Hai looking for "hoppers" whoo hoo for giant bugs

I love the nose pinching

This was sooo fun.. they suck sooo hard
Food theif

Baby chicks...
Lunch Stop
Uncle Deans House
Who's hat belongs to who????
Planes fly over grandpas house to the base

Profile of George

Fish Hatchery
Feeding the ducks.. no girls in sight..
Watiki water park

Not my child I swear

Visit to Great Uncle David's House

Camping at "Wolf People" Steves friends Preserve

Day at the lake... the name escapes me

Keep me off horses... we don't mesh well

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What a great family trip.